Deepe Waters Project

 a Minstry of Brookhaven Christian Retreat

Bottling Plant location is determined
A careful review of our campus, well works and utilities has shown the ideal location for the bottling plant..

Building requirements and improvements assessed
The physical  location requirements study for the plant are complete, with size, supply needs and needed improvements defined.

Request for Proposal for bottling systems is developed
The Request for Proposal of semi-automated bottling systems meeting domestic bottling requirements is complete.

Deepe Waters Ministry is launched
Initial staffing and program definition is complete along with implementation plans.

Founding Sponsor program begins
The Deepe Waters website, Sponsor collateral and program tie-ins are completed and launched.

What We’re Doing

Mission Profile

Recent Projects

Millions of under privileged kids have never been to the country.  Millions more have never experienced God's word through the Bible.  We want to change that.

Going back to our roots, we will offer camps for those who could otherwise not afford to attend a Christian based summer Bible Camp while also not leaving behind our rental camp heritage.

We have an abundance of some of the purest water in the US today.  We want to harness that resource and help other non-profit organizations reach their goals while subsidizing low cost youth Bible camps.

Bill and Linda Pulscher


Founded: 1997

Trustees: Brookhaven Christian Retreat

Areas of expertise: 
Faith-based Christian Counseling and Ministry, Bible Study, Bible Institute Training for Minstry.